bodhgaya-tourism3Bihar is the land of “Lord Buddha” and has very rich cultural, religious and historical heritage. It is famous for it’s Arts & Crafts around the world. Bihar tourism has a staggering list of destinations worth visiting. For instance,Nalanda – the world’s most ancient seat of learning; Rajgir – the first recorded capital in Indian history; Patliputra – the hub of ancient India; Vaishali – the world’s first republic; India’s earliest rock-cut caves- Barabar Hills; Sasaram – home to the mighty mausoleum of the Pathans that influenced Mughal architecture; and BodhGaya – the land of Buddha who gave us the Noble Truth.

Krishna Collection is the exclusive showroom and collection of Art & Gift items at Patna, Bihar. Krishna Collection enhance you to gift, reward or to bring home the ultimate religious heritage and legends of bihar. You can find statues of Buddha, Harimandir Jee, Durga, Kali, Ganesha & different religious icons made of brass & metal. Our gallery also features legends and monuments of bihar like Shaheed Smarak, Shanti Stupa, Vaishali Pillar, Gol Ghar, Mahabodhi Temple, Ruins of Nalandaand more. You can also find the popular Madhubani Paintings at our art collection.